Your Journey Forum

Life is a metaphorical road.

You are currently on your Journey Called Life.

Allow me walk with you.

Become a Journey Embracer if you Require:

Guidance and Advice

A trusted friend

To share your daily happiness or struggles

Someone to talk to

Assistance setting and achieving personal or professional Goals

To move forward in difficult situations

To become unstuck or to find yourself again

Support with life changing events or circumstances

Tools to help you in your personal Journey Called Life

I can be that unbiased confidant to support you along your way.

As your Journey Counselor, I will provide a safe, confidential atmosphere for communication.  Delivering my thought-provoking insights with a high level of respect and professionalism is my goal for our sessions.

Together we will work towards your future to make your Journey an easier walk for you.

Having a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education and years of experience in teaching and inspiring guidance,

I can be your personal Journey Counselor.

Your First 15 minute Meet and Greet is FREE!

You control what we talk about and the level of privacy in how we communicate

Contact Me for more details

I look forward to walking your Journey Called Life  alongside You!