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Federal Fable: 2016 Election 1

Unlike every politician, I will be honest with you. I wrote this Fable back in 2001… that’s right, I can relate this fifteen year old story to America’s crazy Trump/Clinton fiasco.  The question is: Can you analyze this the way I did?   Vote Responsibly.   In a lonely field […]

10 Ways to Stay True to Yourself 1

Staying true to yourself is critical in your Life Journey. Not only will it make you happier, but it will bring a resounding sense of harmony within your soul.  Here are 10 Ways to Stay True to Yourself:   #10 – Don’t Care About What Other People Think This is easier […]

Angels Are Among Us 1

In my line of work as a bartender, I meet many walks of life. I see some interesting characters waltz in through those bar doors.  I have the hyper-energetic ones, the depressed, the friendly, the talkers, the jokesters and the assholes… just to name a few.  It never gets boring. […]

Plan B

Life is unpredictable, uncertain and just plain confusing. One year can seem like a boring “OMG nothing is happening in my life” routine, while seemly wonderful things are happening to your surrounding peeps (does anyone use that term anymore?).  Then it seems like in 1 week, life as you knew […]

Ode To Fall

Orange, yellow, red and brown, Leaves are changing and falling down.   School’s back in session; curfews are set, Gone is the summer; it’s time to fret. The crisp air crept in during the night, Shocking us all with no alert in sight. Pumpkins were growing without a warning, And […]

On Again and Off Again Facebook Relationship

You might have heard that the mecca of social media is a “little” thing called Facebook. Everyone and their mother has a Facebook account and who can blame them?  It’s a wonderful way to stay connected with family and friends, especially the ones that live far from you.  And it’s […]

Live Day by Day 1

We live in a fast paced world. Gone are the slow moving days.  We now have contact with family and friends at a push of a button, infinite amount of information at our fingertips and technology that enhances more and more every day. Don’t you think it’s time to slow […]

Labor Day: What Is It and Why Celebrate It?

Ahh, it’s Labor Day; that time of year when school is back in session and summer is coming to a close. Can you smell the grills burning off this summer’s juices?  Soon the air will cool, the leaves will change color, days will shorten and we’ll be getting our shovels […]