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Sports are Making Fans into Brainwashed, Oversensitive and Obsessive Barbarians

Football Season is upon us and I just don’t get it.  I don’t get the importance and the enthusiasm people have for these popular sports: football, baseball, hockey, golf – you name it.  Don’t get me wrong, I tried to get into the games like my fellow friends and customers, […]

Kids Today are too Soft

There is a definite shift in the attitudes of our children and young adults today.  If you haven’t noticed, it’s time to open your eyes.  What are we teaching our children?  Kids Today are too Soft and our country is in danger if the pendulum doesn’t swing back immediately.   […]

Cash is King

For those of you who don’t know, I was a bartender (a bar manager to be exact, I don’t want to short change myself – haha… a pun).  I once had a customer who constantly reminded everyone that Cash is King!  And who could argue with him?  Money talks and […]

A Forced Decision 3

Most of the time in this Journey Called Life we get to make our own decisions.  Some decisions are, naturally, easier than others, but at least we have free will to make those conscious choices. Some, however, are A Forced Decision. There are times, however, that Fate, the Universe or […]

Macbeth: Come What Come May 1

It was ninth grade English class when we read the play Macbeth by William Shakespeare.  How did the education system expect a hormonal class full of fifteen-year-olds to grasp a confusing dialect about a man who follows the prophecy of three witches about becoming King of Scotland?  As a teenage […]

It’s a Twister, It’s a Twister!

The clouds roll in like thick plumes of locomotive smoke. Rain droplets the size of ping-pong balls begin to fall from the blackening sky.  A funnel forms and drops to earth uprooting everything within its path.  It’s a Twister, It’s a Twister! The storm lasts for months and it takes […]

Federal Fable: 2016 Election 1

Unlike every politician, I will be honest with you. I wrote this Fable back in 2001… that’s right, I can relate my fifteen-year-old poem to America’s crazy Trump/Clinton fiasco.  The question is: Can you analyze this Federal Fable the way I did? Vote Responsibly.   In a lonely field far […]

10 Foolproof Ways to Stay True to Yourself in Your Life Journey 1

Staying true to yourself is critical in your Life Journey. Not only will it make you happier, but it will bring a resounding sense of harmony within your soul.  Here are 10 Foolproof Ways to Stay True to Yourself in Your Life Journey: #10 – Don’t Care About What Other People […]

What is the Meaning of Life?

What is the meaning of life? Why are we here?  What is our purpose?  These questions have puzzled mankind since the Big Bang.  Take a moment and think about this – really think about it.  Why are you here?  Is it to just to grow up, go to school, work, […]

Angels Are Among Us 1

In my line of work as a bartender, I meet many walks of life. I see some interesting characters waltz in through those bar doors.  I have the hyper-energetic ones, the depressed, the friendly, the talkers, the jokesters and the assholes… just to name a few.  It never gets boring.  […]