About Me

Welcome, Embracers!  Enjoy my About Me Acrostic Poem:

About Me Acrostic Poem

Amanda Sue is my name.  Journey Counseling and Writing are my professions

Maintains an up-beat and fun-loving personality while balancing my perfectionism

Advising, consulting and teaching others: It’s my Talent

Never gets enough of Family, My Fur-Babies, P!nk and Romantic Comedies

Dreams of sustaining a successful Counseling and Writing career: My Lifelong Passion

Always open-minded and down-to-earth along with a little sprinkle of sass


Some Hobbies: Journaling, Playing Piano, Reading, Makeup and Eating Junk Food

Understands and empathizes those that surround me

Embracing Life is my only option!


Together, we can Embrace Life and continue on this road in our Journey Called Life!

About Me Acrostic Poem

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