Federal Fable: 2016 Election 1

Unlike every politician, I will be honest with you. I wrote this Fable back in 2001… that’s right, I can relate my fifteen-year-old poem to America’s crazy Trump/Clinton fiasco.  The question is: Can you analyze this Federal Fable the way I did?

Vote Responsibly.



In a lonely field far away from here,
Lives a helpless mole that can only help but shed a tear.

For here is a story about a hawk,
And this little mole that he likes to stalk.

The mole runs about and is watched by a hungry eye,
The hawk looks down and thinks, “This’ll be easy as pie.”

He swoops down right in front of the mole,
“Oh, good gracious,” the mole says, “please spare my soul!”

The hawk pipes up, “Don’t worry I don’t want to harm you,
I want to help you, tell me your problems, give me a clue.”

“I don’t think I should trust a hawk as big as yourself,” the mole said,
“As big as myself? You can trust me, little mole,” the hawk replied shaking his head.

“Well, alright then,” the mole continued, “the problem is about me,
The thing is, Mr. Hawk, not past my nose I can see.

I left my hole from underground,
And for hours now, I have been walking around.”

“Don’t you worry my little mole friend,
I will help you and to your hole you I will send.”

The thankful little mole agreed with the hawk,
The mole listened to him as he told him where to walk.

“Ok, you’re here, just keep going straight,
I found your hole, it must be fate.”

The mole thanked him to what he thought was his face,
And as he walked forward, he found himself in a very wet place.

Down the hawk made a loud crunch,
And thought to himself, “what a great lunch!”

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