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Journey Called Life

My name is Amanda Sue, Journey Counselor.

And I’m not just your average blogger.  I pride myself on having an intricate personality.

Most of all I’m Empathetic, Open-Minded, Goofy, Friendly, and Enlightened – just to name a few surface traits.

have a concrete insight on Life, so allow me to offer my guidance: make you think, ponder and question your crazy Journey Called Life.


Life-Journey Counseling is your Destiny!Journey Called Life

Journey Embracers are people living life to the fullest.  Unfortunately, on occasion, your Journey Called Life trips you up. That’s when *POOF* I appear like your Fairy Godmother.  As a result and as your Journey Counselor, I will offer guidance and direction towards your Life’s goals.  I will be the one by your side, cheering you on!

If you struggle with relationships, careers, self-confidence or simply need an unbiased confidante then I’m your girl!  Your Journey Counselor awaits you.
My Mission is simple: To Help Enlighten, Encourage &  Embrace your Life Journey.


The benefit Life-Journey Counseling holds for you is having caring, genuine guidance and support.  It’s extremely valuable to have a Journey Counselor in your corner when Life gets tough.  Life is too short to suffer alone – Become a Journey Embracer today!


For more info on becoming a Journey Embracer head over to Life-Journey Counseling.  My services will not disappoint – I promise.

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